Being a Foster can sometimes give you a unique viewpoint. And sometimes it just gives you views of cute backsides.

Fosters Spike and Theo love hanging out and playing with their big brother Marshall. They are having a blast running around the back yard together and having massive play sessions.

Marshall is a rescue dog himself, so he likes to Pay It Forward to show how grateful he is for being rescued. Marshall helps shy or scared foster siblings learn how to be more confident and how to play and have fun and how to just be a goofy and happy dog.

  • If you have a sweet and wonderful dog that would make a great role model for foster siblings, you should consider fostering.
  • If you have laid back cats that like to hang out with other cats and dogs, you should consider fostering.
  • If you’d like to help your kids learn how to give back and how rewarding it is to volunteer, ¬†you should consider fostering.
  • If you’d like to help SAVE LIVES, you should consider fostering.