27th of November 2017

Volunteer Spotlight: Sharon Nylec

Community (or feral) cats are just like those we know and love in our households, with one important difference. Unlike pets or strays, community cats have not been socialized and tend to avoid humans. These cats go about their daily business just like their ancestors did for thousands of years. Unfortunately, they are really, really […]

29th of October 2017

Did you know that Humane Societies are not all connected?

Each Humane Society is an independent organization; “Humane Society” is just a descriptive word — like the word ‘bank’ is in US Bank and Bank of America. They are not connected to each other. It can be confusing! Many people even mistakenly think that the Humane Society of the United States runs all humane societies. […]

28th of October 2017

Giving Mewsday

Thank you to all of our Giving Mewsday donors for making Giving Tuesday very successful for HSLC. We met our goal and surpassed last year’s total by a huge amount.  Your generosity has given us a great start towards next year’s Kitten Season.   A special thank you to Anne Senft and Tom Malloy for your invaluable […]

10th of October 2017

Fix a Feral. Spay a Stray. TNR. Do it!

Our TNR program can help if you know of any Community Cats or help take care of a feral colony. Our volunteers will help by humanely Trapping the cats, transporting them to our vet partners, where they will be vaccinated, microchipped and Neutered or spayed. Then after a day or two of recovery the cats will […]

4th of October 2017

J.L. Simpson Middle School FACS Citizenship Unit

The Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) 8th grade classes at J.L. Simpson Middle School in Leesburg invited HSLC to help them with their Citizenship Unit.  Jennifer Allen, middle school FACS teacher, asked us to be part of their learning experience to describe what our organization is, who we help, the current programs we are working on, […]

27th of September 2017

HSLC in Action: Hospice Animals

HSLC in Action: Hospice Animals Many of the animals that come under the care of the Humane Society of Loudoun County are good candidates for placement into new, loving homes. Sometimes though, an animal will have medical issues that make them unsuitable for adoption. When practical, we seek out foster homes that can provide the […]

22nd of September 2017

Fostering from the foster’s perspective….

Yesterday Lily went over the rainbow bridge. She came to us as a grumpy old lady with health problems. After spending some miserable time in the kennel, she came home with me 3 years ago, 2.5 of them as a hospice kitty. She was not necessarily the standard loving cat – set in her ways, […]

12th of September 2017

Target Pet Food Donation

The Dulles 28 Target recently donated over 900 lbs of pet food to the Loudoun Pet Pantry (LPP)!   Diane Kendall with the Reston Bible Church Food Pantry contacted HSLC about this surplus of food and helped us go over to pick it all up.  We were able to share some of the dog food […]

Time for more kittens!

These 2 cuties and their mama were just rescued from a kill shelter in WV, and arrived yesterday. They went for their 1st vet appointment today. They are all doing well except that mama seems to be having trouble producing milk. The kittens are 4 weeks old and may need some supplemental feeding for a […]

31st of August 2017

Helping Animals Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Wondering how you can help animals affected by Hurricane Harvey? Here are some of the organizations that are either in the area rescuing or planning to take in animals from the area. Austin Pets Alive Dallas Animal Services…/dallas-anima…/Pages/default.aspx ASPCA of Texas Wings of Rescue Humane Society of Northern Texas