Financial Assistance Program

HSLC believes in the importance of the bond between you and all of the animals in your life. We understand that times can be hard but we feel that keeping a family together is what will pull you through the difficult moments in your life.
We have set up a financial assistance fund to help Loudoun County Residents with veterinary care as well as basic care for their pets when necessary. If there are other items ( pet food, beds, shampoo, toys, bowls ) that you need immediate help with please let us know and we can check our donations to see if we can assist you.


  1. Must be a Loudoun County resident.
  2. All pets in household must be spayed or neutered or scheduled to be spayed/neutered within 30 days of acceptance for financial assistance (if you need assistance with the spay/neuter please talk to the coordinator when they contact you. Spay/neuter has many benefits for your family and your pet!).
  3. Proof of hardship required ie; unemployment, illness, or a specific situation at discretion of coordinator.
  4. Home visit required.
  5. Recipient must pay the portion of the invoice that they are able to pay, and HSLC will assist with the balance.

All financial assistance requests must be made in writing using the online form below.