Hosting Pet Food Drives

Where’s our Pet’s Meal Coming From?

All it takes for a family pet to be hungry or surrendered to a shelter/ rescue is for their family to have an unexpected medical bill or a job loss. This is an all too common story. Many families that were once financially secure now choose between buying food for their children or paying the rent and feeding the family pet. Your support enables us to be committed to assuring family pets are provided food and help the family keep their beloved furry family members.

Let us Know about Your Efforts

We are proud of our community and how you support those in need. If you have questions before you start the process, contact HSLC ( or 703-777-2912). Once the food drive is completed, contact us again to set up a donation drop-off/pick-up time and photo opportunity.

As you’re planning and working on your food drive, remember to take photos and write a brief summary of your efforts. We’d love to spread the word and feature you in a blog article!

Ideas to Help You Get Started

  • Organize a committee of volunteers. Get several members of your organization, business, community, or school to help with the collection and in spreading the word about your food drive. Set a goal for the food drive and let everyone know about it.
  • Decide on a theme and a time frame. Be creative in naming your event (some idea generating themes are listed on page 2). Are you looking to do a one-day event or a month long event? Make sure this is included in your messaging.
  • Create containers for collecting food donations. Clearly mark and label with signage (see donation sign link on the web site page) and place containers in high traffic areas to get noticed. Smaller bags of dog and cat food are preferred; any reputable brand is fine.

    Note: Make containers easy to carry, such as boxes or bags, for easier transporting. Large containers look great but many times are too heavy to move and have to be emptied and repacked for delivery.

Neighborhood drive tip: Consider placing empty grocery bags on neighbors’ doorstep with an enclosed flyer to explain your food drive.

Food drive themes

  • Hunger Walk, Run, Bike; Dance-a-thon or Hoop-a-thon: Have sponsors pledge food donations for each mile completed, how many baskets made, etc.
  • Celebration Presents Drive: Guests bring a food donation instead of bringing gifts to birthday party, etc.
  • Team Challenges: Organize contest between classrooms or workplace departments with different categories such as:
    • Largest individual donation
    • Most pounds raised per team
    • Most unique food display
  • Wash Away Hunger: Organize a car wash or dog wash and the payment is a food item donation.
  • Fill it Up: Fill the gymnasium, a truck, a break room or other designated area with food.
  • Specialty Boxes or Bags: Look at our list of suggested items and have each classroom or workplace department choose one item to collect.

Spread the Word

Ask everyone involved to advertise the food drive to co-workers, family, friends, and neighbors. Make sure you let them know the food and/or funds are going to the Humane Society of Loudoun County to provide food to family pets in need. Use any and all of the following to promote your food drive:

  • websites and social media (FB, twitter)
  • postcards
  • press releases or announcements to local newspapers
  • e-mail
  • flyers (here’s two we’ve created: Pet Food Drive Flyer 1 & Pet Food Drive Flyer 2 )
  • newsletters
  • door hangers
  • church bulletins
  • table top signs

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Celebrate Your Success!

Reward volunteers and/or donors. Show your appreciation by:

  • Serving a light meal and refreshments
  • Awarding prizes or gift cards for most pounds raised
  • Decorating a bulletin board in the employee lunchroom with photos from event and of volunteers
  • Presenting the winning team a pizza party or other favorite food