What to Expect as Foster

Foster Goals

  • Help prepare your foster animal for living successfully in a new furever home
  • Help your foster develop good habits & skills through positive reinforcement
  • Reward desirable behaviors
  • Correct or redirect undesirable behaviors
  • Don’t punish, it is ineffective
  • Help identify and correct any behavioral issues that might impact their adoptability

HSLC Responsibilities

  • All Vet expenses
  • Publicizing the Foster Animal on website (Petfinder), Social Media, Flyers and Posters
  • Scheduling Adoption Events at venues throughout Loudoun County
  • Vetting all potential adopters through our Adoption Application process
  • Supporting our Fosters
    • Providing foster mentors
    • Holding Foster Orientations
    • Foster Handbook
    • Online Resources

Foster families provide the love and support the animal needs to get them ready for adoption.

Foster Responsibilities

  • Provide adequate food and water
  • Keep your Foster safe:
    • Cats must be Indoors only
    • Dogs must be leashed at all times while outside
  • Bring your Foster to at least one Adoption Event a month
  • Provide transportation to/from events and vet appointments
  • Help maintain and track vaccination schedules for kittens & puppies
  • Help with Socialization
  • Send personality updates, pictures and videos for Social Media and Petfinder updates
  • Have all your personal pets spayed or neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations