Volunteer Committee

*      Help handle requests from interested potential volunteers

*      Help organize volunteers for events

*      Keep volunteers informed of the various opportunities to get involved

*      Organize and attend Volunteer Orientations

*      Help find new ways to recruit and retain Volunteers


Foster Liaison

*      Help Process Foster Applications

*      Coordinate vet appointments and required vaccinations for fosters

*      Keep fosters informed of upcoming adoption and other events

*      Work with fosters on health and well-being of the animals

*      Help schedule and organize Foster Orientations


Adoptions Committee

*      Help handle incoming requests regarding potential adoptions of animals

*      Process Adoption Applications

*      Create new ways to market animals available for adoption

*      Create special campaigns to highlight our special needs animals

*      Help coordinate and staff adoption events

*      Network and find new venues for events

*      Coordinate with managers at existing event sites to schedule upcoming events

Animal Intake Committee:

*      Handle all incoming requests for intake:

*      Owner Surrender

*      Shelter Transfers

*      TNR

*      Strays

*      Keep track of the number of animals in HSLC care and make sure placement is possible before allowing intake of any cat/dog

*      Make sure incoming animals get vet exam and vaccinations

*      Decide if animal needs immediate removal due to dangerous situation


Helpline Calls & Emails

*      Answer and return calls and emails

*      Maintain and refer to a list of resources to help respond to requests


Event Committee:

*      Handle incoming calls/requests for fundraising events

*      Create, organize and staff fundraising events


If you love animals and want to lend a hand, submit your  Volunteer Interest Form