Community Cats
The Humane Society of Loudoun County employs a policy called Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) to help maintain the number and health of current populations of feral cat colonies. By using a system of humane trapping, HSLC volunteers will trap the cats, transport them to local vets to be altered (spayed or neutered), get a rabies shot, and address any immediate medical needs as applicable. The cats receive an ear tip on their left ears to signify to any other humane trappers that this cat has already been altered. Cats are then returned to their home/colony after a short period of recovery.
What is a feral cat? Community cats are cats in our neighborhoods and commercial properties that are not socialized to people. They are the same species as a domesticated cat; they were just not raised to trust humans and are not ideal for indoor living. If they have a litter of kittens, they can be socialized to humans if caught by a certain early age. Most of these cats come from a blood line that once started with a domesticated cat but due to many possible situations became outdoor cats.

What is a stray cat? Stray cats on the other hand are outdoor cats that have at some point been around humans and in many cases can be adopted out to live wonderful lives indoors. Strays are typically pets that were lost or abandoned at one time.

What is a working cat? Semi-feral cats can live a great life providing mousing services to owners of barns, horse stables, warehouses or other suitable outdoor locations. Healthy cats receive veterinarian care including sterilization, rabies shot and exam. No adoption fee is assessed. It's a win-win! Contact HSLC if you can use their services.
If you have a feral cats that need to be spayed/neutered or assisted for medical reasons please fill out the TNR request form below and HSLC volunteers will contact you. If you are able to assist with the trapping your request can be processed more quickly.
If your request involves a medical emergency (very sick or injured cat), or involves cats that are in danger please call Loudoun County Animal Services at 703-777-0406.
For more information and resources, please contact Alley Cat Allies at  www.alleycat.orgThey have an extensive website with answers to just about any question regarding community cats.