Keeping Companions

The goal of the Keeping Companions Program is to keep companion pets with the people that love them and out of the shelters. 
There are different reasons why people feel they have to give up their companion pets. Most of these reasons involve issues that can be resolved with the help of an experienced professional. Hslc knows that your pet is part of your family and helps to keep you healthy and happy with the love that they offer. We are working towards a time when no companion animal is put down simply because there is no room. In order to accomplish this, we must work together as a community and keep our pets out of shelters.

If you do not find the information you need to
 help you keep your companion pet, please contact us here.

Vaccine clinics:

I want to keep my pet but I need help because:
1. My pet is hurt or sick and I can not afford to take him/her to the vet.


2. My pet is showing signs of aggression, peeing outside of the litter box, or having other behavior issues.

   get help from Aspca virtual pet behaviorist

3. I have to move and I do not think that I can take my pet with me. 

   help locate pet friendly housing

4. I can not afford to keep my pet up to date on his/her vaccines, or keep my pet groomed. 

  help keep your pet healthy and happy 

5. I am having trouble providing daily meals for my pet. 

   -Interfaith relief can help you with meals for your pet

6. I am losing my home and I want to do what is best for my pet. 

  help if you are homeless and have a pet

7. I brought home a new pet but now all of my pets are not getting along. 

 help to introduce your new pet to your current pet

8. I am at work long hours and I do not know what to do with my pet. 
help with pet sitting when you are away
9. Someone in my family seems to be allergic to my pet. 
help if a family member has allergies to your pet 
10. I want to get my pet spayed/neutered but I am having trouble affording the procedure

Low cost vaccination options for your pets!
Fort Evans Rd NE 
Leesburg, VA
There are many low cost vaccination clinics being offered. Please check "this link" to find one near you. Keep your pets healthy and happy!

I can not keep my pet but I want to do everything that I can to keep my pet out of the shelters so I want to:
1.  Find a new home for my pet.

   *help re-home your pet



How You Can Help

There are many different ways for you and your family to help....
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Foster Application

Volunteer Opportunity

Spay/Neuter Program

Loudoun County residents pay a reduced fee to have their pet spayed/neutered when using a participating veterinarian...
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